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To be the leading manufacturer and service provider of quality packaging products in Mindanao and thereby be a vehicle for the sustained upliftment of quality of life in Mindanao.


  • Our stockholders are the providers of resources and capital.  We will ensure optimum results for their investment and be responsible stewards of their assets.

  • Our customers are the lifeblood of the company.  We will provide them with the best quality packaging products and services.

  • Our people are the principal resource and core drivers of the organization.  We will provide a work-life balance, wholesome work environment, and opportunities for advancement.

  • The communities where we operate support our operations and are our principal advocates.  We will share our blessings with them through our Corporate Social Responsibility activities and by being good corporate citizens.



  • Honest, trustworthy, and fair
  • Adherence to high ethical standards
  • High competence
  • Effective, efficient, and responsible service
        Respect for the Individual
  • Recognize talents, abilities, and achievement
  • Tap into the potentials of our people by empowering them through the responsible delegation of authority
  • Unity of purpose
  • Cooperation 


Davao Packaging Corporation (DAPACOR) is one of the most productive operations within the Anflo Group of Companies. Organized in 1979, DAPACOR was first simply known as the TADECO Box Plant. At its birth, the company was merely engaged in producing carton boxes for the export of fresh Cavendish bananas, tuna and cut flowers. But however, this simple title belied the immense potential that lay dormant within its four walls. As time progress, the company was soon fast outpacing and outperforming the original projections for its growth. Like a child protégé, the early years of DAPACOR showed that the company has an amazing knack of doing well in all the tasks that it was given.

Owing to the foresight of ANFLOCOR Chairman Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr. the support that DAPACOR needed to fully reach its potentials were not long in coming. This came in the advent of acquiring the most modern high technology equipment and the intensive training of its employees. Everything and anything that could be done in order to boost production was given top priority. Hence, in the 2003 survey of Philippine Businesses, the firm ranked 1,012th among the top 5000 companies in the country; a magnificent feat considering that the size of its facilities, located at Barangay AO. Floirendo, Panabo City, was significantly less than that of most of the other companies it bested. Proving once again that it's not the size, but rather the technique that counts.

In May 15, 1997, a tragic fire broke and destroyed the main plant. The plant was temporarily shut down. However, in year 2000, Davao Packaging Corporation was restored back to its full operation.

DAPACOR TODAY has created a name in the local industry and abroad. It now serves multinational and transnational corporations, meeting international demand in quality and quantity of packaging materials. DAPACOR is undeniably among the most trusted producers of packaging products in the Philippines.


DAPACOR is a member of prestigious organizations such as the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters of America, The First Association of Self-Adhesive Label Producers of the Philippines, and Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) People Resource Solutions. DAPACOR is also regulated by the Fertilizer Pesticide Authority.


The new Davao Packaging Corporation laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art machineries imported from United States and Europe. With the digital, highly reliable, durable and operator friendly equipment, better and quick analysis of results is easily made. It also adheres to the standard methods of procedures from Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) and American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), making DAPACOR one of the best packaging companies in the country.


In its 25 years of service, DAPACOR is no longer just a production center of packaging materials, but it has evolved into a company that now produces marketing tools for its multinational clients.

At DAPACOR, we believe that our job is not merely a production-oriented task but a significant marketing responsibility. This responsibility is our edge:


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